Common Dial-Up Errors

When receiving dialup error messages it is more important to look at the error number rather than worded error messages such as "remote computer did not respond". This is a perfect example. The remote computer is the computer you are trying to connect to. Should you not hear the dial tone (fax like sound) and you receive this message you have been given false information from your computer. Some worded error messages are genuine like "invalid username and password" bearing this in mind will help you solve your problem.

Error 600 - 649:
If you encounter this error the problem will be related to your computer/modem. Turn the computer off for 5 minutes and try again. If the same error occurs you may need to consult your computer manufacturer or local tech support for diagnostics/repair.

Error 650:
You will need to examine the configuration of your Windows application called Dial-UP Networking. In most cases re-installing this application will fix the problem.

Error 676 - 678:
Communication between the modem device and the computer itself are not working together. Uninstall the modem software/drivers, restart your computer, and reinstall it again.

Error 680:
The most common error message, no dial tone indicates the modem can not pick up a dial tone. It is the same if you pick up your hand phone and hear no dial tone the first thing you would do is to check all cables are plugged in correctly or not damaged.  If the cables or a landline phone work, the modem is most likely dead.

Error 691:
Authentication problem, check that your username and password are correct. Your username and password will be case sensitive. If you are unsure of your username and password it is best to consult our technical support team for a resolution. Should your details be correct, your computer may be storing incorrect details in cache (stored files). Internet options and deleting cached passwords should resolve the problem.

Error 709:
You have not got your dial up connection set up correctly, it's best to delete the connection and create a new one. Should the problem persist, seek further assistance.

Error 718:
The connection is timing out.  In most cases this is because the physical line (wiring) has degraded and is causing signal deterioration.

Error 720 - 731:
This is a bit of a buggy error, in most cases recreating your dialup account will fix this problem.

Error 745:
This is one of the most serious errors, should you encounter this error it is informing you a required system file is missing. This can be due to virus removal or system configuration files being damaged or corrupt.  You will most likely need to reinstall your computer's operating system (OS) or have it repaired professionally.

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