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Frequently Asked Questions

My office has an alarm system that is connected to the phone line. Can that be sent over your hosted PBX system?

No. If you have this type of alarm system, you will need to maintain a traditional phone line. The same line may be used for fax purposes. We will arrange for you to keep any traditional lines that will be needed.

What if I lose power?

Any business phone system will go down without power. If your business is telephone-based (such as a call center) or if it is located in an area that has known or frequent power issues (brownouts), we recommend a back-up power source. Even with traditional lines, most new phones have powered base-stations so it's a good idea to have a plan!

Can I take my phone to another area code and still receive calls?

Yes! As long as you can connect your IP phone to a broadband Internet connection, you're ready to go. We also offer a soft-phone option that runs on your portable computer or smart phone — perfect for employees who want to travel light but keep in touch with the office while on the road.

What if my Internet connection goes down?

Both your Internet and phone lines will be unavailable to you, but callers will still be greeted by your automated attendant and will be able to leave you messages – so your business won't be unavailable. Today's Internet connections are very stable and rarely go down. As an additional back-up measure, phone extensions can be redirected to cell phones or alternate land lines when an outage occurs or is planned for an extended period of time.

Will I be able to keep my telephone number(s)?

Yes, existing phone numbers can be ported to Tri-Lakes Net for use in a hosted-pbx setup.

Can I mix traditional and VoIP phones with my hosted-PBX?

Yes, standard and VoIP phones easily coexist on the same hosted PBX. Please consult with our sales staff to arrive at the optimal configuration for your communications needs.

What is PoE and do I need it?

PoE stands for Power over Ethernet and allows PoE-enabled phones to be powered through your network if the network is PoE capable. All Tri-Lakes Net supplied phones are PoE capable and also come with an AC adapter allowing the devices to be powered with wall power out of the box.

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