Services - Hosted PBX: How It Works

Voice and Internet services are delivered over the same local loop access circuit using the Internet Protocol (IP). Phone calls are delivered over our carefully-managed Tri-Lakes Net network running the SIP protocol for Voice over IP. This means that phone calls do not travel over the public Internet, but are converted and transmitted over the traditional telephone network directly from the Tri-Lakes Net Network. At the same time, Internet traffic is routed over Tri-Lakes Net's high-speed data network to its destination on the Internet, either within the Tri-Lakes Net Network or through Tri-Lakes Net's many public and private peering points to other networks.

Hosted PBX Diagram

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    We are a registered CLEC providing voice, data, IT services, and much more for the Branson Tri-Lakes area.  Our business telephone solutions are among the best in the industry!